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4 Best DNA Testing Kits 2018

DNA testing is no longer rocket science, but a simple test that you can do at home. Following your roots has never been easier and fun, all you have to do is get the right testing kit. These kits are different; some are best suited for high-tech laboratories while others are used by people who want to get a clear picture of some health conditions in their lineage.

1. 23andme test kit

This one is the most popular kit recommended for most home users. It can easily test back to your lineage and also can test for various diseases like celiac disease in the family. The user guide is easy to follow with the results being available within weeks. However, the kit does not interpret genetic information, it only reports it.

You have the option of buying the generic part of the kit which tells you who are your relatives, and you can also opt for the health kit as well which goes ahead to show the genetic diseases in your family. However, showing the diseases in your family does not necessarily mean that you have it or you will suffer from it in future. Make a point to discuss the findings with your doctor who will go ahead to explain them to you medically.

2. National geographic DNA test kit

This kit is best suited for those who want to go thousands of years back into their ancestry. The results are available within four to eight weeks. It gives a detailed report with information about your ancestors. It can check more than 200,000 to compare your DNA with people from over 60,000 populations across the world. The ancestry DNA test also can compare your DNA to legends who lived many years ago. It, however, does not have any health aspect to it; therefore you will not be able to know genetic diseases in your family.

3. DNAfit DNA test kit

Knowing your DNA now has been improved to help choose the best work out for you. This type of kit is a bit different from the rest since it shows the best forms of exercises for you, those that would work best for you and how well you will be able to get out of an injury. It also recommends the best nutrition for you such vitamins and antioxidants to take. It is less about your ancestry information and more about your health and keeping fit. It will take about two weeks to get your results.

4. Myheritage test kit

It is the cheapest DNA testing kit that you will find in the market. It is also readily available in the market. It is not to demean its effectiveness since it has a very high success rate of identifying your relatives. With this DNA testing kit, you also have the option of paying for a premium plan which will help you get more features about the results that you will get. It is the only way to gain access to some aspects of the report.

5 Best Languages For Mobile App Development

Over the past few years, mobile app development has rapidly grown and diversified the business sector. With such businesses focusing mobile apps to their productivity, a mobile app developer company is required to write several versions of an application for various platforms. For a successful app development, proper market research has to be conducted, strategic and efficient planning, budgeting and so on, but, the most crucial part is picking the right programming language to ploy your application.

Below is a list of the best programming language for Mobile App Development;


When it comes to Android App Development, java is most the preferred language. Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems and currently owned by Oracle. Java has the following features that give it the popularity; can be run on all platforms, supports API, its simple to read and understand and finally has powerful IDEs that makes coding error free and easy.

Java can be run on either a browser window or a virtual machine that can do without a browser. This flexibility means a lot when it trickles down to re-using and updating the code.

2. PHP

This hypertext processor was burst out by Zend Technologies as an open-source language for server-side scripting. This language until recently was used for websites but has been arrogated for mobile app development. It can be used for both command line scripting and to code applications. The following features of PHP are what makes it popular In mobile app development; it’s easy to learn, compatible with servers, an open source platform and is both a procedural and object-oriented.



Swift is the most recent programming language to sally into the Apple ecosystem, taking to account its pervasiveness in writing codes for apples latest APIs such as cocoa and cocoa touch. An irresistible feature about swift is that as a developer you can facilely evade most of the security vulnerabilities associated with other programming languages. This is a goldmine for mobile app developers as businesses are at a high rate requesting for employees with this skill set.

4. HTML5

Well, when it comes to html5 there is no other language that can effortlessly develop hybrid apps and web-fronted apps for a mobile device as well as it does. More interestingly the development process using this language is very cost effective. Html5 has made it simple to insert date types, rationalize input parameters and account for different screen sizes. Though html5 seems to be still at the proposed standard.

5. C++

C++ is a more comprehensive version of the C program. When it comes to low-level programming and building mobile apps for windows and android this is the most efficient appropriate and robust programming language. Having been used by iconic app development companies like Paypal Amazon and even Google chrome among others.

The above are among the leading programming languages for efficient, cost-effective and effortless mobile app development used by a mobile app development company.

6 Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting has a become an attractive alternative for hosting solutions. It works well for small to medium-sized firms. The solution bridges the gap that exists between shared hosting and the flexibility of having dedicated servers.

1. Stability

A VPS server is stable. It is because a virtualization software creates it. The software divides one server to form many servers. However, the servers act as independent units. The result is stability because the operations of another customer or traffic will not affect the performance of your server. It could be useful to visit Cirrus Tech for more information.

2. Root Access

VPS Hosting will provide you with root access. The access will enable you to have total control over the account. You can make changes to the configuration of your virtual computer and even be able to install software. The service provider will avail a control panel that will have all the necessary tools for performing these actions.

3. Support and Management

The hosting solution will provide you with dedicated servers. Hence, you will have total control over them. However, you can dedicate some of the roles to the company providing you with the service. You can do this in case you lack the technical expertise to perform the tasks on the server. For example, you can ask the firm to help you perform administrative tasks.

4. Monitoring

Using a VPS server will relieve you of the stress of monitoring the server. The VPS provider will perform the function for you at no additional cost. They will monitor the hardware and network that is critical for your account to function. No provider will overlook this function because they will lose their customers to the competitors. Therefore, your account will be safe from the existing virtual threats such as hacking and DDoS attacks among others.

5. Data Backing Solutions

Most VPS providers will do all they can to ensure that you can account at any time and find your data intact. However, anything can happen, and you will be at risk of losing your data. It is the reason why most providers will provide you with a data backup solution. In case the system goes down, you will just restore the data and continue from where you left.

6. Stable Multiple Domain Hosting

Most shared hosts will offer a multiple domain hosting. However, most of these providers do not allocate enough resources to ensure the clients perform operations smoothly. VPS hosting ensures that you don’t suffer this setback. They will allow you to host different websites and allocate resources that you want for each. It will ensure that you don’t experience any performance issues.

4 Key Features for Making the Most of Your Field Service Software

Most companies don’t k now that they suffer the loss of money when they set a van aside waiting for the next job. For all days you have, ensure you work hard to utilize all your assets to the maximum levels of utility in the business. How can this goal be met by the company? It is never enough to have centralized and effective field service management software. However, you also need to use the preventative maintenance as well as field service scheduling tools to the fullest potential. These features affect the success of your business depending on how you use them. Below are the features to be used to reduce downtime as well as improving on customer satisfaction.

1. Central Scheduling

To keep the management system running with ease means you have a centralized system for scheduling activities as well as coordinating your activities, vehicle repairs, preventative maintenance and service calls. The most effective way to use the scheduling feature is to use the repository feature I the field service. You must take your time to enter all information to ensure you are always aware of service systems and schedules. You can provide much better customer and cost-effective service if you have a centralized scheduling capability.

2. Electronic Dispatching

The best way to ensure your service technician is working on the job you assigned him is to switch phone calls. You can cut the paper and phone costs if you use the electronic orders. Your field technicians will have all the time needed to move from one job to the next serving your clients. While you want them to work on your jobs effectively, they don’t require you to breathe down their necks constantly. This is why the field service management software is important.

3. Task Management Automation

While you need to access your data for task automation, you also need to work on the data as well. Tasks are built by work orders. For this reason, they allow your company and workers to see what is going on. You must be diligent to add the necessary information into the system if you want to use this functionality to the maximum. For more information, you may want to consult with Miracle Service for their resources and insights.

4. Mobile Access and Tracking to History

Your field technicians will get the mobile functionality to access their maintenance history especially when in the field. To ensure schedules are met properly, you can use the software to track the location of your technicians. Most companies never take advantage of these features. This feature allows you office visibility as well as tracking the location of your technicians.

Your technicians should know the correct parts and vehicles available for work. For this reason, they need to know the technicians with the necessary skills to handle a particular job.

Why Security Will Always Matter In Managed Public Cloud Services

In this time of great technological development, Canadian professionals must take great pains to remain technically fluent. Companies content to use obsolete technology may find themselves facing insurmountable challenges. Managed public cloud services allow companies to store data remotely for instant access. In this age of fast-paced business development, immediate remote access is a must. With mobile devices, workers can continually perform critical employment-related tasks.

To indefinitely avoid obsolete data management practices, you should only patronize cloud storage providers that maintain impeccable security procedures. By and large, computer security professionals have expressed deep admiration for the security features included in the Microsoft Azure platform. As it has taken on a major role in the world of cloud storage, Microsoft has earned the trust of the Canadian public. This company utilizes the talents of the most skilled computer professionals in the world. Although there are plenty of other criteria to consider, Azure fluency is certainly one of the most important signs of professionalism in any managed services provider.

Fortunately, the leading lights of data centre management fully recognize the essential nature of topnotch data security. To maintain marketability, virtually all companies that provide integrated cloud services feature professionals with strong credentials. However, even the most qualified professionals can become complacent at times. If you really care about maintaining your data in total safety, don’t be afraid to ask pointed questions about your storage provider’s staffing and accountability procedures. The experts at Carbon60 Networks are capable of providing you with further information.

Securely Combining Azure Management With Open Source Technology
To foster reputations for technical fluency, innovative data management companies combine the flexibility of open source technologies with the well-resourced contributions of major technology brands like Microsoft. Whatever type of IT solutions you most value, you must remain sure that your data centre manager will use the right tools to maintain your data securely. A few exceptions aside, most Canadian IT companies are forging innovative paths. Although high-profile hacking incidents will probably always be with us, you can take concrete measures to avoid becoming a statistic.

As the years pass, it is likely that leading Canadian IT companies will develop security procedures in unpredictable ways. If you find a data centre manager that meets your data needs with thoughtful diligence, you should consider sharing your discovery with colleagues. Unfortunately, not all people can afford to secure truly top-shelf data management. If more Canadian companies are able to patronize outstanding, security-conscious data providers, this can provide a kind of of “herd immunity” for all companies. In other words, your efforts to improve your data security may indirectly benefit all Canadian businesses and their customers.

Practical Applications for Indoor Navigation in a Business Environment

Many people are aware of indoor navigation for the military, but you may not be certain how GPS for indoors can be used in practical application in a business environment. With indoor navigation for the military, soldiers on the ground have benefited by navigating through unfamiliar buildings that have been mapped successfully. Commanding officers have been able to monitor troop movement through buildings remotely as well. While such applications seem beneficial for military use, indoor navigation holds many promises for business use as well. In fact, an indoor positioning system has already successfully been implemented in many locations with fabulous results. With a closer look at possible applications, you may decide to move forward with its implementation in your facility.

📌 Tracking Employees

One of the most popular applications for indoor navigation in a business environment may be for tracking employees. This has many possible uses. For example, in a hospital environment, it allows you to know where each doctor is located at any given time so that they can easily be found when urgently needed. Paging is no longer needed. In addition, in a retail store or restaurant environment, the application can be used to ensure that the floor is well-covered at any given time and even to minimize the incidence of employees clustering together to chat rather than to work.

📌 Monitoring Equipment Location

Just as employees can be tracked through an indoor positioning system, equipment can also be tracked. If you have a large warehouse, for example, it may be easy to misplace a forklift or other necessary equipment. Through equipment location monitoring, you can easily locate and track all equipment. This can ensure productivity and minimize wasted time in search of required equipment.

📌 Visitor Services

Indoor navigation can also be used for visitor services. This has applications in large public venues, such as airports, shopping malls, convention centers and more. Some more advanced features can also combine the movement of visitors in a specific location in a building with special coupons or offers. For example, if an airport visitor walks by a restaurant, he or she may receive a special savings offer for food or drinks in the restaurant. In this way, marketing and advertising can be improved through indoor GPS.

As you can see, there are many beneficial applications of indoor maps and navigation services in a wide range of business sectors. However, before a venue can benefit from these various methods, the venue will need to be professionally mapped, and indoor beacons will need to be installed. While this can be time-consuming and costly, you can see that there are many advantages associated with moving forward with the implementation of this technology.