15 Best Ideas to Put in 21st Birthday Gift Baskets

At 21 years old, you’re officially an adult. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun birthday, though. Buying a gift for someone on this milestone birthday may not have a clear idea of what’s best for the occasion.

If you aren’t sure what to get someone celebrating their 21st birthday, try putting together a 21st birthday gift basket instead of a single gift. Gift baskets make excellent birthday presents that many people enjoy.

Here are the fifteen best ideas to put in 21st birthday gift baskets:

Idea #1: Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are small and celebratory. They can be easily dropped into Toronto gift baskets and are a great unisex gift for all.

Idea #2: Coffee Mug

If you go with a mug for your 21st birthday gift basket, find one that’s unique and personalized to the gift recipient. You may want to look online on sites like Etsy or get a mug in the style of a specific movie they like, a musician they adore, a sports team they follow, or something similar.

Idea #3: Fun T-Shirt

Try to find a trendy, fun t-shirt that matches the person you’re buying for. It can be dropped into your gift basket and, when done right, is sure to make them smile. Think about what the person likes and find the right shirt to complement that.

Idea #4: Journal

A nice journal that’s leather-bound or personalized in some way to the gift recipient is a very nice birthday gift. A journal can be used for anything, from a traditional journal to writing stories or poetry, as a recipe book, or as a notebook for a chosen hobby.

Idea #5: Jewelry

Jewelry can work for all genders, so long as it fits their personality. Bracelets. Necklaces. Earrings. Rings. These are the four categories of jewelry to think about. What’s most appropriate should be based on the person you’re buying for. Also, be sure to hold the jewelry in the right case. Think about wrapping it to give it a little something extra if it’s the primary gift in your basket.

Idea #6: Fun Game

Try to find a fun card game or a board game that would appeal to the person you’re buying for. If someone isn’t a board game kind of person, you may want to skip this and move to the next birthday gift basket idea. However, if they are interested in board games, they can visit a board game store or a Walmart or search online for a fun game that matches them.

Idea #7: Succulents

A small succulent is perfect for a work-from-home office or someone who has recently moved into a new place. Although it’s not the most fun gift, when they open the basket, it’s a gift that will provide joy for weeks to come. Succulents are also easy to care for.

Idea #8: Key Chain

A key chain that’s engraved or special in some way can be a nice addition to the birthday gift basket.

Idea #9: Liquor Bottles

Whether mini liquor bottles or a bottle of their favourite wine, many people zero in on alcohol when setting up a 21st birthday gift basket. That’s fine for some, not for others. Unless your gift recipient abstains from alcohol consumption, a small set of mini bottles is more than enough.

Idea #10: Savory Sweets

A small collection of savoury sweets in a gift basket will celebrate the birthday. The better you know the person, the more personalized the sweets and the more impactful the basket.

Idea #11: Tickets For An Event

To extend the birthday celebration, consider an upcoming event you can buy tickets for that you and the birthday person could attend. Include the tickets in their birthday gift basket, further personalizing it to the gift recipient.

Idea #12: Spa Day Gift Basket

Throw the person their very own spa day! Start with the gift basket. Fill it with a gel eye mask, cozy slippers, hand moisturizer, an essential oil diffuser, bath bombs, and more. You can have a spa day at home or do parts of it around the town.

Idea #13: Self-Care Gift Basket

You can use many self-care products to give your birthday gift basket a new aesthetic. These items include luxury soap bars, candles, moisturizers, lip balm, soothing bath salts, and more.

Idea #14: Ground Coffee And Teas

Luxury ground coffee or a small collection of tea are essential gifts. Not everyone makes coffee, so teas may be a better option if you aren’t sure whether someone’s a coffee drinker. Search our coffees or teas that the person may not have previously tried.

Idea #15: Tech Accessories

A long list of fun tech accessories can be blended in with the rest of your gift basket. Examples include USB sync-and-charge cables, a media streaming stick, an HDTV antenna, Bluetooth speakers, and much more.

Try to identify a tech accessory that you make a difference in the day-to-day of the person celebrating their birthday.