The 4 Best DNA Testing Kits

DNA testing is no longer rocket science, but a simple test that you can do at home. Following your roots has never been easier and fun, all you have to do is get the right testing kit. These kits are different; some are best suited for high-tech laboratories while others are used by people who want to get a clear picture of some health conditions in their lineage.

1. 23andme test kit

This one is the most popular kit recommended for most home users. It can easily test back to your lineage and also can test for various diseases like celiac disease in the family. The user guide is easy to follow with the results being available within weeks. However, the kit does not interpret genetic information, it only reports it.

You have the option of buying the generic part of the kit which tells you who are your relatives, and you can also opt for the health kit as well which goes ahead to show the genetic diseases in your family. However, showing the diseases in your family does not necessarily mean that you have it or you will suffer from it in future. Make a point to discuss the findings with your doctor who will go ahead to explain them to you medically.

2. National Geographic DNA test kit

This kit is best suited for those who want to go thousands of years back into their ancestry. The results are available within four to eight weeks. It gives a detailed report with information about your ancestors. It can check more than 200,000 to compare your DNA with people from over 60,000 populations across the world. The ancestry DNA test also can compare your DNA to legends who lived many years ago. It, however, does not have any health aspect to it; therefore you will not be able to know genetic diseases in your family.

3. DNAfit DNA test kit

Knowing your DNA now has been improved to help choose the best work out for you. This type of kit is a bit different from the rest since it shows the best forms of exercises for you, those that would work best for you and how well you will be able to get out of an injury. It also recommends the best nutrition for you such vitamins and antioxidants to take. It is less about your ancestry information and more about your health and keeping fit. It will take about two weeks to get your results.

4. Myheritage test kit

It is the cheapest DNA testing kit that you will find in the market. It is also readily available in the market. It is not to demean its effectiveness since it has a very high success rate of identifying your relatives. With this DNA testing kit, you also have the option of paying for a premium plan which will help you get more features about the results that you will get. It is the only way to gain access to some aspects of the report.