4 Key Features of Field Service Software

Most companies don’t k now that they suffer the loss of money when they set a van aside waiting for the next job. For all days you have, ensure you work hard to utilize all your assets to the maximum levels of utility in the business. How can this goal be met by the company? It is never enough to have centralized and effective field service management software.

However, you also need to use the preventative maintenance as well as field service scheduling tools to the fullest potential. These features affect the success of your business depending on how you use them. Below are the features to be used to reduce downtime as well as improving on customer satisfaction.

1. Central Scheduling

To keep the management system running with ease means you have a centralized system for scheduling activities as well as coordinating your activities, vehicle repairs, preventative maintenance and service calls. The most effective way to use the scheduling feature is to use the repository feature I the field service.

You must take your time to enter all information to ensure you are always aware of service systems and schedules. You can provide much better customer and cost-effective service if you have a centralized scheduling capability.

2. Electronic Dispatching

The best way to ensure your service technician is working on the job you assigned him is to switch phone calls. You can cut the paper and phone costs if you use the electronic orders. Your field technicians will have all the time needed to move from one job to the next serving your clients.

While you want them to work on your jobs effectively, they don’t require you to breathe down their necks constantly. This is why the field service management software is important.

3. Task Management Automation

While you need to access your data for task automation, you also need to work on the data as well. Tasks are built by work orders. For this reason, they allow your company and workers to see what is going on. You must be diligent to add the necessary information into the system if you want to use this functionality to the maximum.

4. Mobile Access and Tracking to History

Your field technicians will get the mobile functionality to access their maintenance history especially when in the field. To ensure schedules are met properly, you can use the software to track the location of your technicians. Most companies never take advantage of these features. This feature allows you office visibility as well as tracking the location of your technicians.

Your technicians should know the correct parts and vehicles available for work. For this reason, they need to know the technicians with the necessary skills to handle a particular job.