5 Best Languages For Mobile App Development

Over the past few years, mobile app development has rapidly grown and diversified the business sector. With such businesses focusing mobile apps to their productivity, a mobile app developer company is required to write several versions of an application for various platforms. For a successful app development, proper market research has to be conducted, strategic and efficient planning, budgeting and so on, but, the most crucial part is picking the right programming language to ploy your application.

Below is a list of the best programming language for Mobile App Development;


When it comes to Android App Development, java is most the preferred language. Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems and currently owned by Oracle. Java has the following features that give it the popularity; can be run on all platforms, supports API, its simple to read and understand and finally has powerful IDEs that makes coding error free and easy.

Java can be run on either a browser window or a virtual machine that can do without a browser. This flexibility means a lot when it trickles down to re-using and updating the code.

2. PHP

This hypertext processor was burst out by how to take clenbuterol Zend Technologies as an open-source language for server-side scripting. This language until recently was used for websites but has been arrogated for mobile app development. It can be used for both command line scripting and to code applications. The following features of PHP are what makes it popular In mobile app development; it’s easy to learn, compatible with servers, an open source platform and is both a procedural and object-oriented.



Swift is the most recent programming language to sally into the Apple ecosystem, taking to account its pervasiveness in writing codes for apples latest APIs such as cocoa and cocoa touch. An irresistible feature about swift is that as a developer you can facilely evade most of the security vulnerabilities associated with other programming languages. This is a goldmine for mobile app developers as businesses are at a high rate requesting for employees with this skill set.

4. HTML5

Well, when it comes to html5 there is no other language that can effortlessly develop hybrid apps and web-fronted apps for a mobile device as well as it does. More interestingly the development process using this language is very cost effective. Html5 has made it simple to insert date types, rationalize input parameters and account for different screen sizes. Though html5 seems to be still at the proposed standard.

5. C++

C++ is a more comprehensive version of the C program. When it comes to low-level programming and building mobile apps for windows and android this is the most efficient appropriate and robust programming language. Having been used by iconic app development companies like Paypal Amazon and even Google chrome among others.

The above are among the leading programming languages for efficient, cost-effective and effortless mobile app development used by a mobile app development company.