6 Best Commission Based Jobs with High Earning Potential

Commission based sales jobs come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from retail sales where the returns are limited to some of the highest-paying jobs in the world. Every business needs to sell a product, a service, or expertise. If you have good communication skills and the confidence to close a deal you will be able to find a sales job in almost every industry.

If you are unfamiliar with how commission-based jobs work, then don’t worry. Each employer will have a different way of calculating commission. Some offer a percentage of the total sale value, some will provide a percentage of the first year revenue from a contract as compensation for your efforts. The important thing is to make sure that you fully understand how your commission structure works so that you are not disappointed.

However the commission structure works at your sales job, the amount of money that you make will be directly related to how hard you work. This is not for everyone, but if you have the work ethic and motivation you can go a long way.

Below are a few examples of the best commission based jobs out there.

1. Real estate agent

In this role you can work independently or as part of an organization. This is a commission based sales job that requires a lot of work and exceptional client management skills. You are helping people to make the most significant financial investment of their entire lives. One deal alone could make you a great deal of money, so taking the time to get invested in the needs of each and every client that you deal with is vital.

For many, the first few years can be a struggle with ups and downs. Once you are past this initial stage you will have built up a solid network of clients who may be looking to invest in another property or sell their current home and buy a new one.

Return and referral business will build over time until you are potentially even having to turn down clients or hire help. This line of work can be very lucrative. Sometimes, commissions can be unstable as you wait for your next real estate deal to close. Thankfully, you can rely on real estate commission advance companies to manage your income better.

2. Advertising sales representative

This is a booming industry with a lot of money flowing through it. The technology may be changing from broadcast, print, and out of home, to online and digital screens, but the opportunity is still a great one.

There can be a lot of pressure in this industry as deadlines are often very tight and your communication skills will need to be on point. You will be expected to contact potential clients, and maintain the relationships that you make. There are some other great fringe benefits to this industry as well.

Although the days of drinking scotch in the middle of the day like in Mad Men are behind us, there are still many industry events throughout the year that you will be invited to. These can be a lot of fun and fantastic networking opportunities.

3. Energy brokers

These brokers sell products related to the energy industry to both residential and commercial clients. The contracts that are negotiated at this level can be significant and there is great potential for growth in this industry as businesses and individuals will always need to keep their lights on.

4. Insurance sales

Everyone needs insurance. Car, life, home, travel, and other types of insurance practically sell themselves. The skills that you need for this role include confidence and a head for numbers. There is a level of care that you need to consider when selling insurance to your clients in this role.

Being open and honest about the policies that you sell will ensure that your reputation, and the reputation of the company that you work for remains positive.

5. Software sales

All large businesses need computer software. When it comes to software sales there are some really great opportunities to connect with very large companies. As technology improves so does the opportunity, so there will be no shortage of upselling opportunities in this role. Also, as a business grows, they will need upgrades to their systems and additional server access.

You may need to be somewhat familiar with the basics of computer software, or if your sales skills are strong enough your employer may see it as worthwhile to train you up on their offering so that you can provide the expert advice that your future clients need.

6. Telecom sales

Thanks to the likes of Samsung and Apple’s business model there is always a new cell phone model on the market to sell. This can be a very good sales job to work in as many clients walk into the store with the express intention of signing a contract or purchasing a high end device.