6 Best Ways on How to Unclog Hair From Your Shower Drain

One of the most cathartic ways to unwind after a long day is to hop into the shower. The feeling of warm water soothing your skin feels as great as one would expect. Sometimes, however, you may look down at your bathtub, only to find the water rising.

With a little more inspection, you can probably deduce that this spontaneous rising of water while you shower has to do with the drain. In most cases, the clogging of a shower drain has to do with an unhealthy amount of hair inside.

The simplest way to fix clogged drains is by calling a local plumber in your area. However, there are also many, do-it-yourself solutions that require minimal effort. With enough patience, you can get the hair out of your drain and enjoy your showers without disturbance again.

Don’t let this further ruin the experience of your shower, consider the following to ways on how to unclog hair from shower drain:

1. Manual Removal

When it comes to unclogging hair from the shower drain, the best tool to use is your hands. If hair is the source of all your shower drain woes, prepare to use your fingers to manually remove it. For safety purposes, it is advised to put on a pair of latex gloves so that your fingers don’t get caught in anything harmful.

Reach in as far as you are able to inside the drain, and pull as much hair out as you can. Keep going until all the hair is removed, or that a minimal amount remains. This last amount can then be washed down, so that it no longer remains as an impediment. Sometimes, the easiest method costs you nothing at all!

2. Plunger

The handiest tool available to conduct successful unclogging jobs is, of course, the plunger. Plungers can be used for a wide array of specific circumstances, including hair clogging your shower drain. In this scenario, grab the tool and place it on the centre of the drain, as accurately as possible.

Then, pull the plunger towards yourself, before forcing it back down on the drain. With enough tugging, you should be able to see the fruits of your labour eventually. Should the hair still remain in your drain, try conducting the motion for a few more minutes. You should be able to remove all hair blockages eventually.

3. Drain Snake

No, you don’t have to resort to using a ten-foot living python just to unclog your shower drain. A plumbing snake, or a snake as its commonly referred to, is a specific tool used to directly grasp and remove blockages. As it pertains to hair clogs, a snake should be inserted right into the drain.

Once you feel it has made contact with the hair, manually begin to uncoil the hair using a circular motion. If enough of the hair has been whirled, pull the snake out and throw the excess hair away. Repeat as necessary, and your clogging problem should be a thing of the past.

4. Liquid Solution

In some situations, hair blocking your shower drain may become embroiled with other organic blockages. This doubles the problem in essence, and may take more than just a manual tugging of the blockage using a tool. As such, creating a liquid solution, using various ingredients lying around your kitchen, will work in your favour.

All you will need for this specific solution is vinegar, baking soda, and a kettle of hot water. Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain first, followed by a proportionate amount of vinegar. Let the solution do its job for a few minutes, before pouring the kettle of hot water down the drain. The drain should be unclogged after an hour or two!

5. Wet/Dry Vacuum

This is usually used in some drastic situations, where hair in a shower drain is proving to be more difficult than expected. A wet/dry vacuum is not your typical vacuum; it is specifically designed to suck up liquids that are proving to be an issue, especially in your shower drain. Once you acquire it, set it to the vacuuming liquids option, and place it over the drain.

With enough use, the wet/dry vacuum will perform its job successfully. If not, the force from the suction should work well enough to the point that you can manually remove any outstanding hair within the drain.

6. Wire Coat Hanger

The great thing about various items lying around in wait within your home is that they can have some unintentional, secondary uses. This same sentiment can apply to a coat hanger, should you have a problem of hair clogging your shower drain. Simply rewire the coat hanger to a straightened position, and use the hook on one end to scoop the hair out of your drain.