7 Best Non-Sweet Vape Juice Flavours

Not everyone is born with a sweet tooth. While many are, some folks prefer a more savoury taste.

Vaping has become a highly popular way for many people to enjoy the benefits of nicotine accompanied by less harmful effects caused by smoking. However, with the wide range of sweet flavours and juices, like fruity-tasting ones, finding the best non-sweet vape juice that suits your preferences can be challenging. This may be especially challenging and irritating for smokers transitioning to vaping instead and not being used to the sweetened flavours.

You’ve come to the right place if you are a savoury or unsweet soul looking for the best suggestions for non-sweet vape juices. Together we can explore some of the best non-sweet vape juice flavours on the market today!

Before we dive into our suggestions, it is essential to understand what makes e liquid non-sweet. Generally, vape juices that are not sweetened do not contain any added sugars or sweeteners. Instead, they rely on natural flavouring and additional ingredients, which allow for a more authentic taste. Hence, several vapers may prefer these non-sweet vape juices because they do not leave a lingering aftertaste or cause cravings for sugary treats.

Now that we have covered that let’s look at _ of the best non-sweet vape juice flavours you can try!

1. Tobacco flavours

Starting with the most traditional flavour available, the tobacco flavour is best suited for vapers who prefer a more authentic taste. This flavoured juice is typically made with a blend of natural and synthetic flavourings to replicate the taste of tobacco without the extreme harm of smoking.

There are numerous tobacco-flavoured e-juices readily today. Some range from more artificial flavoured tobacco to more genuine tasting ones. Some flavours replicate a Cuban cigar or specific tobacco strains like a genuine cigar or cigarette.

2. Menthol flavours

Menthol vape juices are popular among vapers who enjoy a refreshing and cooling sensation. At the same time, some flavours might contain some sweetness, but other available flavours do not. Menthol juices are generally made of natural or synthetic menthol flavourings that give the user a crisp and icy taste.

If you would like a less sweet-flavoured vape but would still like to maintain the crisp and cool sensation they usually bring forth, consider opting for these flavours! This way, you can get the best of both worlds.

3. Mint flavours

Similar to menthol-flavoured vapes, there are also mint-flavoured juices. When one generally thinks of the mint flavour, they may automatically associate it with an accompanied sense of sweetness.

Mint flavours, however, do not necessarily have to be paired with sweetness. These juices are appropriate for vapers who enjoy a crisp and fresh taste. Made with natural and synthetic mint flavouring, these juices mimic the taste of real mint. Peppermint and spearmint are two highly minty and effective options you could consider!

4. Coffee flavours

Yet another creative option for a non-sweet vape flavour is a coffee-flavoured e-juice. Vapers who enjoy a rich and bold taste may especially enjoy this.

These juices are typically made up of natural and synthetic flavouring that aims to replicate the taste of different types of coffees, ranging from espressos to lattes. Some popular coffee flavours include mocha, cappuccino, and hazelnut, among various others.

5. Herbal flavours

If you’re more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker, don’t worry! There are always options available for you that will meet your preferences. Herbal-flavoured juices provide a unique and natural taste ideal for vapers who want something reminiscent of their morning drink.

These flavours can include a variety of assortments, such as lavender, chamomile, and basil. While some herbal flavours may contain some sweetness, more options, such as eucalyptus, lie on the extremely non-sweet end.

However, if you are okay with a bit of sweetness instead of a hammering amount, this would be a good fit for you!

6. Savoury flavours

While this may sound slightly absurd, depending on your vast knowledge of vape flavours, some savoury-flavoured juices exist in the market today. Believe it or not, flavours like pepper, roasted chicken, and bacon exist.

While these may be more difficult to locate and purchase, keep an eye out for them and find out if these unique flavours match your unique taste!

7. Flavourless vapes

Lastly, a reliable option would be flavourless vapes. This would be best suited for vapers who are not as interested in the flavour of the vapour but rather in the effects of the nicotine. If you are one of those vapers disinterested in flavourful juices, then flavourless vapes are the way to go!