7 Best TV Furniture Ideas for Small Living Rooms

What is on television tonight? Are you going to watch that three-hour documentary on the Second World War, or are you going to binge-watch season three of Seinfeld? Whatever it is you are watching, let’s hope that you are comfortable doing so because if you are dedicating a chunk of your time to staring at a box, you better be comfortable.

Studies have found that we spend approximately 25 to 30 hours a week watching television. It is safe to say that with streaming, high-speed internet, and mobile devices, we consume a lot more than that. But if we spend about an entire day watching TV in any given week, don’t you want to be comfortable? The only way to be comfortable is by having the right furniture.

Wait a minute. Are you not comfortable? You better be relaxed. But if not, then you might be to invest in TV furniture to improve your overall viewing experience. We have you covered.

Here are seven TV furniture ideas to improve the viewing experience in a small living room:

Idea #1: Analyse Your TV Watching Habits

When you are in the market for new furniture to house your television set, you must first consider your needs and wants. This way, your television viewing experience will not be hindered by discomfort that will ultimately distract you from the picture you’re watching, or the television show you’re enjoying.

Here are some questions you should answer before you make a purchase:

  • How big is your television set?
  • How large is your living room or bedroom?
  • What do you use the television for (video games, films, television shows, etc.)?
  • What is your idea of interior decorating?
  • How much natural light do you get?
  • How much traffic does the primary viewing area experience?

These are all pertinent questions to ponder in your quest for the best environment to Netflix and chill.

Idea #2: Select a Comfortable Viewing Height

When it comes on TV furniture ideas, it’s important to ask yourself these questions: Do you want to look down on your television? Do you want to look up? Do you want to tilt your head to one side? The answer to all these questions is a resounding no. The rule of thumb is that the centre of your screen should be positioned at eye level.

But how do you accomplish this feat? A little bit of arithmetic: measure the distance from the floor to the sightline of viewership and subtract half of the television’s height. When the height of your TV stand falls within this range, you should be good to go.

Idea #3: Match Your Room Layout

Let’s be honest: Owning a television set, especially a large and high-quality one, has never been more affordable. Back in the day, it would cost you an arm and a leg – and maybe a tooth – to buy a 40-inch television. Today, you can purchase a state-of-the-art TV for a few hundred dollars. That said, your television must match the layout of your room, so that you can maximise your comfort.

This is when you need to choose between a wall-mount TV stand or a physical stand. Indeed, a wall console does not need to be an inconvenience or an eyesore since it can often be pleasantly designed and serve as a storage space (see below).

Idea #4: Chose the Right Material

Does the material of your TV stand matter? Well, if you are living in a bachelor apartment with a standard-sized television, then not really. However, if you have a family or you relax with your favourite show of all time – Wings! – then yes. So, what type of material are you interested in having for your TV furniture?

Here are the most common materials you will find:

  • Fibreboard
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Particleboard
  • Wood

Typically, you want something that is moderately to support your television. The more durable your flat screen TV stands are, the more stable and reinforced your television is in the end. Industry experts will say that the best materials are either metal or wood since they are long-lasting.

Idea #5: Plan for Storage and Organisation

Whether you have a lot of books or you own plenty of DVDs, you should consider planning for storage and organisation. A wall console for your television can kill two birds with one stone: a home for your TV and extra space to organise your stuff. With the right design, you can add to your home’s décor.

Idea #6: Buy the Right Seating Furniture

Put simply, you need the best and most comfortable seating arrangement for your television, whether it is a chair or a sofa. Without it, what is the whole point of watching TV? Remember, we watch television to unwind, relax, and escape. You do not want to be uncomfortable the entire time, do you?

Idea #7: oxymetholone gains Minimise Your Cables

Thankfully, a lot of television sets do not require too many cables these days. That is unless you have a television, a video game console, a DVD player, a stereo, and a streaming device (Fire TV or Roku, for example). Therefore, it is critical to think about your wires and cables when acquiring TV furniture so that you can either better conceal your cables or you can place them in an organised way.