7 Professional Cooking Utensils Used by Restaurant Chefs

Whether you are a professional in a kitchen, or a would-be chef, there are various tools to get your hands on. The most effective cook is always on the prowl for utensils that can help their performance in the kitchen. These tools can vary, in terms of size and usage, but their effectiveness is renowned.

As a result, having the right types of cooking and food prep equipment can significantly reduce your time spent in food preparation. Once your station has been setup, in accordance with these items, prepare to have some fun!

The professional cooking utensils will make cooking a much more enjoyable experience all around:

Utensil #1: Sauce Spoons

Every famous lunch or dinner course will often come equipped with a designated sauce. Not only does this amplify the look of the dish, the taste will significantly be impacted too. However, preparing this specific sauce requires the usage of its own respective spoon. That’s where the sauce spoon comes in.

These types of spoons are generally larger than their counterparts, and for good reason. For testing purposes, you’ll want to taste your sauce on occasion, to measure how prepared it is. Cross contaminating spoons is not recommended, for hygienic reasons. Keep a couple sauce spoons on standby, to keep things organized.

Utensil #2: Offset Spatula

The offset spatula is an important professional cooking utensil. Bakers of all experiences will generally attempt to make baked goods at some point in their cooking journeys. The most professional of cooks will integrate effective utensils into their operations. For example, frosting a cake will necessitate the use of a flattened tool, to cover all parts of the confection.

Spatulas will usually come to mind at first, due to their flattened and curved surface. However, the better tool to use in this scenario would be an offset spatula. This type of spatula is designed with frosting cakes in mind, mitigating the awkward feel of its predecessor. You are granted better control here, especially for delicate goods such as birthday cakes.

Utensil #3: Bench Scrapers

Knives are a pivotal component of any chef or cook’s repertoire. Since they come in various sizes and shapes, they can be used for specific situations in the kitchen. However, in other, more delicate circumstances, their sharp ends may not be so effective. When you require accurate portions of food, purchase a bench scraper.

Bench scrapers are highly effective in the kitchen, allowing you to get precise with desired measurements. Whether its chopping vegetables, or portioning dough, they are multifaceted in their purpose. Plus, they can make cleaning up much easier, if you need to scrape food waste off a surface quickly.

Utensil #4: Torches

When you want to get extra fancy with some of your ingredients, you could char them for extra flavour. This can also add on to their texture overall, making the potential dish even more delicious. Torches can be a great, professional utensil to add to your cooking endeavours as a result.

The main thing here to consider is power. Different types of torches will come with varying power levels. That is why you must take great care when putting one to use. Depending on your cooking goals, you’ll need to increase or decrease the heat accordingly. Crème brûlée must be charred with a delicate touch after all!

Utensil #5: Chef Press

Making a grilled cheese sandwich often employs the use of added weight. Pressing down on toast inside of a frypan can make or break the final product. If you want to maximize the contact your food has with the heated surface beneath, get your hands on a chef press. This is an incredibly useful utensil to add to your collection.

A chef press is designed by maximizing the amount of contact your food has with a stovetop, for instance. This helps to ensure that the final result gets a better browning, that is neither too light or too burnt. Make sure you have a couple of these in your possession, and you’ll be on your way.

Utensil #6: Knife Bags

Keeping your various knives together with other cutlery can be the source of unneeded clutter. As a result, you should get yourself a knife bag, which can hold all of your knives in one, convenient place. These bags come in various sizes, depending on how many knives you have.

Utensil #7: Meat Slicers

If you plan on running a deli of some sort, a meat slicer can significantly cut down on time. Large cuts of meat can seamlessly be sliced, according to your goals. Professional cooks highly recommend its usage, especially if time in the kitchen is of the essence.

The best part about purchasing professional cooking utensils is that you don’t have to break the bank to get them. Some lower-cost tools can do the same job as their more expensive counterparts. Do your research, and you’ll find what is best for your cooking needs!