8 Signs of High Potential Employees in Your Staff

If you are looking to make significant progress in your organization, there is one resource you cannot ignore: the human resource. When it comes to success in the workplace, employees are more important than systems. The most efficient system operated by a demotivated, underperforming workforce will not resuscitate a struggling business.

To grow your business and improve its bottom line, you need an efficient workforce management system. high performing employees who are not only motivated by the salary and perks they receive but also by an innate desire to see the company break growth records.

But how do you spot these high performers? Check out these eight signs of high-performance employees:

Sign #1: They step up to lead others

High potential employees do not just sit on their laurels and wait to be picked out. They proactively step out and offer themselves for leadership. They make their intentions explicitly or implicitly clear: that they want to one day occupy a prime leadership position. These employees do not shy from expressing a desire to hold executive positions to help them make significant contributions to the company.

If you have such an employee in your team, work with them and challenge them with tasks where they can make the most significant contribution. Soon, their potential and impact will rise to the top.

Sign #2: They possess an entrepreneurial mindset

A leader is always on a quest for new business opportunities that will lift the company to the next level. If you have an employee who always recommends that you consider new opportunities and makes suggestions on how to leverage them for growth, you have a winner.

This is a clear indication that they have the necessary mindset critical for the success of your organization. They are not just content to be mere employees; they are eager to make a lasting contribution and seize new markets and clients to move your company forward.

Sign #3: They take initiative and can work without supervision

If you have an employee who rarely takes initiate and only works when prodded, you might as well start planning their replacement. However, if you have an employee who only needs to be given instructions on a project and they work with minimal or without further reference to you, you have a self-motivated employee you can trust to work without supervision.

If the employee goes a step further and takes the initiative to look for new projects and brings onboard new clients, you have a gem of an employee who is committed to the growth of your company. Do everything you can to retain such a worker.

Sign #4: They are willing to lead and supervise teams

Great leaders always rise to the top. Be on the lookout for that employee who consistently gets rave reviews from his or her colleagues. However, make sure the reviews are backed by solid evidence of results and their effectiveness in leading teams. If you have such an employee, you have a winner you can count on to steer your company to progress.

If they prove themselves in leading a small team, challenge them with a bigger team and see how they perform. Who knows, you might end up with an employee on whom you can entrust the leadership of the entire company.

Sign #5: They show a keen interest in the organization

Just because an employee has stayed with your company for many years does not mean they are interested in the company. However, if they are keenly interested in the activities of the company, always going the extra mile to understand the company’s goals, objectives and strategy, its core values and financial projections, mark such an employee for more prominent responsibilities in the company.

Sign #6: They pursue and meet objectives

Meeting goals and objectives is a top priority for high performing employees. They not only meet the objectives and goals set for them, but also those they set for themselves. As such, they are continually pushing themselves and setting new targets. They do not only meet targets, but they also exceed them.

These high potential employees understand the importance of their contribution to the overall success of the organization. If you have such employees in your organization, you have what your business needs to reach milestones and break into new frontiers of success.

Sign #7: They are adaptable to fast-paced working environments

If there is one thing that defines a high potential employee, it is pace. They work fast and can adapt to fast-paced environments. In spite of the flurry of activities and constant demands for results, a high potential employee maintains a healthy work momentum.

The employee does not exhibit signs of sluggishness or overwhelm. But what really sets apart such workers is their ability to adjust to changing work environments without losing momentum and pace.

Sign #8: They make and execute decisions

High performing employees have a good head on their shoulders. They can make and act on decisions by analyzing the situation, looking at available options, and prescribing the right course of action.

The best always rise to the top. This statement is perhaps amplified by how top performers rise through the ranks in an organization. If you are keen, it is not difficult to spot these stellar performers.