8 Tote Bag Design Ideas That Make Great Corporate Gifts

Tote bags come in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes and colours. While primarily used for shopping in the past, these days, they’re used for almost anything.

For a company, handing out totes as gifts is an ingenious way to strengthen your brand. They’re great for reaching a wider audience. They create brand and customer loyalty while at the same time sharing your logo far and wide.

People like receiving promotional items, but they love getting something practical. Branded tote bags make wonderful corporate gifts, since they are functional, stylish, and noticeable with just the right amounts of promotion.

The following are eight tote bag design ideas that make great corporate gifts:

Design Idea #1: Tote Bag with Quotes

This tote bag design idea can turn your bag into more than just an accessory or bag. It becomes an enduring statement to the world. Canvas tote bags are a great fit for this design. They’re readily available and easy to DIY with iron-on letters or fabric markers. This hand-made gift will make your customers feel special as it demonstrates you took your time when designing it. You can use quotes like “Diamonds are made under pressure,” “You got this,” or “Enjoy the little things.”

Other than motivational quotes, you can opt for adorable sayings about peace, love, kindness, or something as light as “Don’t touch my stuff.” You can also have your corporation’s motto emblazoned on it.

Design Idea #2: Denim Tote Bag

Women love the stylish denim tote bag since it complements almost anything they wear. It’s made of solid fabric, which makes it great for carrying groceries. To increase the visual appeal, embellish the bag with crocheted coloured circles, petals and other geometrical forms.

The colours and patterns could match your brand’s image. If your target market mostly consists of women with a passion for the country-western style, you can’t go wrong with this tote.

Design Idea #3: Woven Basket Tote Bag

This tote bag design idea is so versatile that it can be used at the farmer’s market and as a trendy work bag. Because of its sturdiness, it’s easy to wipe clean and therefore ideal for artists carrying supplies such as clay and paints. It can also be used to carry groceries. To make it comfortable to carry, ensure the basket fits under the arm. Also, make sure it’s pliable. A woven basket tote bag is a great corporate gift idea. It’s unique and leaves a positive impression on a customer.

Design Idea #4: Printed Tote Bag

This tote bag design idea is simple, easy, and fun to make. You can find it, and other supplies you may need, at the local office supply store. Iron-on transfer paper allows you to up your design since it can be printed off the computer. Use imaging applications like Photoshop or Microsoft Word to create your design, or download one from the internet.

If you have someone in your firm with an artistic side/, ask them to come up with an original design or artwork, and then scan it into the computer. Next, print the design, but remember to flip the image on your computer before doing so. Once printed, cut out the design and iron it onto the bag. Press hard and wait for three minutes before removing the paper.

Considering the variety of designs available online, using an iron-on transfer paper gives you more power in terms of personalizing a gift for your clients.

Design Idea #5: Vinyl Tote Bag

These are great for creating custom designs of any shape and pattern. They are easy to use and can be secured onto a tote. All you need is the iron-on vinyl, iron, a sheet of paper, and a tote. The design should ideally feature the company’s logo printed on the sheet of paper.

Next, trace it onto the back of the iron-on vinyl and then cut along the lines. Finally, iron your design onto the tote and wait for it to cool.

Design Idea #6: Tote Bag With Braided Handles

A tote bag can be basic, but when you add a small detail such as braided handles, it can morph into a stunning accessory. Other than adding visual appeal to the bag, this stylish detail also makes it sturdier and appropriate, even for work. You can make braided handles from a wide variety of materials, but the choice should match or complement the fabric on the rest of the tote.

Design Idea #7: Colourful Tote Bag

A wool colour blocked tote has a soft, ultra-modern look that makes a great corporate gift. The material is easy to maintain. It’s great for work and as an everyday purse.

From businesswomen to dog lovers, everyone loves tote bags. When used as promotional items, they guarantee customer satisfaction.

Design Idea #8: Crocheted Tote Bag

A crocheted tote bag will make your customers feel special. This is because crocheting is not a quick craft. It won’t be lost on your gift recipients that you took your time to make the gift meaningful.

There are various crocheting techniques one can use to personalize a tote. You can either settle on one or use a variety of techniques for a special touch.