9 Best Looking Paint Colors for Staircase Walls

You want your home to be, well, your dream house–right? With that in mind, you want to be sure that you choose the absolute best paint colors, shades, and tones for every area of your home (though don’t discount wallpaper either!). But sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what paint color to use for different areas–such as staircase walls. Maybe you’ve been brainstorming and decorating a LOT lately and you feel completely dry in terms of creative ideas.

Maybe interior decorating isn’t actually your thing and you’d rather leave it to someone else. Maybe you’re simply searching for some new, fresh ideas while you go about creating the home you’ve always wanted. Whatever the case, we’re here to help with several great paint colors that you could choose between in order to make your staircase walls look amazing.
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One thing about staircase walls is that they can be somewhat dim, without a lot of light getting into that area. We’ve kept that in mind as we curated this list of best paint colors for staircase walls. After all, you don’t want your staircase walls to make the surrounding area look dim, dingy, and drab.

You may like to try out these nine great paint colors for staircase walls:

1. Grey Colors

If you want a classic paint color for staircase walls, ask your painters to cover the room with a cool, ashy light grey. This paint color gets the job done and adds an instant calming effect to any room. When you go with a lighter grey, it can counteract any dark corners (or even whole walls) where there’s not a lot of light–natural or otherwise.

And if the staircase walls that you’re painting do happen to get a lot of light, going with a darker shade of grey can really add some gravity and drama to your decor. It all depends on the mood you’re going for (and the decor/colors/vibe throughout the rest of your home).

2. Lavender Colors

This pastel shade can do great things for your staircase walls, especially if your home has more casual, even flowery decor. Lavender isn’t for everyone but if it suits your tastes and the vision you have for your house, why not go for it?

For staircase walls that get more light, perhaps go with a more dusty, subdued shade of lavender. And use a brighter, more upbeat shade for walls that are darker.

3. Teal Colors

This rich, gorgeous color can be utilized in so many ways throughout your home–and one of those ways in on your staircase walls. Again, let the amount of light shining into/onto your staircase determine the shade and tone of teal you go with. But just be assured that teal looks great in almost any setting–it’s hard to go wrong when you choose it!

4. White Colors

White may seem boring to you–and white walls can be a little harder to handle because of their proclivity to show fingerprints and smudges more easily. But if you’re looking for something basic–a blank canvas, if you will–that won’t leave your staircase looking dim, then why not go with white?

5. Sunny Yellow Colors

Few things brighten up a dim wall or walls than a light, sunshiney yellow. There are so many different shades to choose from, but know this: whatever you decide on will almost certainly cheer you up on grey days and delight any guests who come over (provided they don’t have an aversion to the color!).

6. Cream Colors

Looking for something basic, classic, and neutral but don’t like the sameness and blandness of white? Enter cream! White’s cousin (or sibling, depending on what you think) offers many of the same benefits but with a warmer, sometimes even classier vibe.

7. Orange Colors

Orange can be a bit exhausting–or startling–if not used properly, but if it’s one of your favorite colors and you’re looking for a way to add brightness and cheerfulness to your staircase walls, then it just might be the color for you. Try a shade that’s bright, but not too loud or ‘out there’.

8. Indigo Colors

A deep indigo can be a stunning dramatic choice for any area of your home–and that includes staircase walls. We don’t want to make you choose something that you don’t like, that is wrong for your home, or that would make your staircase look dim and uninviting. But we seriously love indigo and think it would make a great addition to almost any home. Just think about it, at least!

9. Light Blue Colors

If indigo isn’t working for you though, why not try a nice light shade of blue? There are plenty to choose from and this color can brighten up your staircase walls while also adding a calming, restful feel to that area of your home.