How Do Electric Fireplaces Work: An Electric Fireplace Guide

A fireplace is a multi-shaped opening (but commonly rectangular) constructed below a chimney to hold an open fire for relaxation and warmth. The traditional fireplace has evolved to many forms since its invention. One of its popular variations is the electric fireplace.

Electric fires are believed to have been invented in 1912, gaining massive popularity across the 1950s when they were first used in theatres. The electric fireplace was made in the 1980s and continued to develop progressively through the 1990s before gaining massive popularity in the 2000s.

Electric fireplaces are life savers. You deserve to clear your mind after a long day at work with an hour or two before an electric fireplace. Most importantly, you should stay safe as you use the fireplace to prevent cases of burn accidents and related issues.

Below is an overview of how an electric fireplace works:

What are electric fireplaces?

Introduced in the 1980s, electric fireplaces are a variation of the traditional fireplace. Electric fireplaces have features slightly common to those of a standard fireplace, with a few exemptions and additions.

Flames from electric fireplaces may appear natural, but they are not. Electric fireplaces aren’t designed to host and produce real flames, thus are the safest to prevent burn accidents and air pollution. Fashionable electric fireplaces have been designed to accommodate advanced 3D technology that creates an illusion of the actual fire with flickers, waves, and colour changes.

Here are several prominent features of electric fireplaces:

Safety screen

Thanks to technological advancements, experts saw the need for a safety screen within the wall to protect the users’ skin before directly contacting the burnt glass and minimizing cases of burn accidents.

Double glass solutions

The double glass feature is an alternative for safety screens in electric fireplaces, reducing the intensity of heat reflected through the front side of the glass.

Thermostatic control

The thermostatic control feature allows users to set their preferred room temperature, followed by an automated switch to maintain the set temperature.

Remote control

Most fashionable electric fireplaces come with a remote control that allows the users to control their functions and temperature in the comfort of their seats.


The timer feature is found in nearly all fireplaces but is more advanced in electric ones. You can set your fireplace to run for your preferred time before it automatically shuts itself off, minimizing cases of huge electricity bills and burn accidents.

Changeable flames

The electric fireplaces enable the users to adjust different flames to get their desired one in speed, brightness, and colour.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

There are several main types of electric fireplaces:

Type #1: Wall-mounted electric fireplaces

As the name suggests, wall-mounted electric fireplaces are mounted onto the walls, offering an opportunity to explore different styles and sizes.

Type #2: Electric inset fireplaces

Electric inset fireplaces are slightly similar to wall-mounted fireplaces but are installed into the wall instead of mounting.

Type #3: Electric fire baskets

Electric fire baskets are created to appear like flames in a basket. One can have their baskets decorated, incorporated, or let free.

Type #4: Electric stoves

Electric stoves create a more traditional look and feel of an actual fireplace with adjustable features and more than you might have imagined.

How to install an electric fireplace

The electric fireplace won’t be much hassle if you have other fireplaces. It works slightly similar to gas and wood-burning fireplaces but with more advanced features and effective results. However, you still need to follow the guidelines for installing an electric fireplace effectively.

Electric fireplaces don’t need much installation, just connect to the main power supply and turn it on with a push of a button to get things started. After that, with the help of remote control, you’re presented with bountiful settings to have the best fireplace of your dream. You can set the fireplace on the flame-only mode to create an illusion of a burning fire without any heat generation or the heated-flames setting that generates warmth alongside the blazing illusion.

The heat generated by an electric fireplace feels like the heat from a natural fire but with different models to modify the results. Electric fireplaces are accompanied by a fan that automatically cools the air as the heat intensifies. The fashionable fireplace barely requires any chimney vents as it produces no dirt, smoke, fumes, or dirt.

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces offer numerous advantages. Here are several benefits of electric fireplaces:

Low operating costs

You don’t have to worry about refilling your firewood or gas with electric fireplaces. Your only worry is the electricity bill, although electric fireplaces don’t consume much power compared to other appliances.

Easy installation

Electric fireplaces are one of the easiest to install, regardless of the type you go for. They’re designed to fit nearly all corners of your living, warming the entire room effectively.

Easy cleaning

Since they don’t produce any soot, fumes, gases, or dirt, electric fireplaces are the easiest to clean by wiping through the components.


Electric fireplaces are probably the safest in the history of fireplaces due to their bountiful protective features and techniques.


Electric fireplaces aren’t vulnerable to issues related to corrosion and rust like those found in other types. A single system can serve you for years if carefully handled and maintained through regular check-ups.


The electric fireplaces present plenty of options to the users, from a colour change on the flame, flame type, timer functionality, and remote control to their maximum satisfaction.