What Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors?

You have spent the time and effort to redo your floors, and they look amazing. Dark, rich wood is very popular because it increases the value of your home while giving a dramatic statement and focal point to the room. They also absorb less light, so you won’t often be refinishing because they don’t fade as fast.

Your money was well spent, but now you may have another issue. How do you match it up with your furniture Toronto? Trying not to clash with your flooring can be difficult. Unless you have an interior designer on speed dial, you will have to figure it out on your own. Fortunately, we have done all the design homework for you.

What furniture goes with dark wood floors? Here are seven choices to consider:

1. White Furniture

White is a bright, fresh colour that looks good in most settings, but with the backdrop of a dark wood floor, it is a contrast made in heaven. Pick white tones for your couch and chairs to give the room a clean, modern look.

While they are opposites of the colour spectrum, they work very well together and make every part of the room stand out. You can use accessories to pull in other colours, like a throw pillow or a blanket.

2. Wood Furniture

Wood on wood is a nice touch. Most wood tones match your dark floors. Light wood with washed paint looks amazing, especially when you can see the grain through the coat. This gives it a shabby chick look and feel.

Medium wood tones provide a smooth and inviting contrast to your elegant room. A few shades lighter than the floor provides a subtle contrast while defining the colours.

Dark wood furniture is more daring and connects the floor to the piece, especially if you match the dark colour with the legs of the furniture with the floor.

3. Metal Furniture

Metal furniture gives a nice contrast to dark floors. For an industrial feel, go with steel or bronze pieces like a modern table with round legs.

Metal legs on a couch transition from dark to steel to fabric without feeling out of place. And for a more vintage look, have a distressed detail on the metal to make it appear rustic.

4. Leather Furniture

Leather is a luxurious material that is very popular. The room becomes a formal parlour from a dream home paired with a dark wood floor. The look and feel of leather are warm, even if you choose lighter colours, and will invite you and your guests to share the evening in comfortable bliss.

5. Heavy Furniture

Delicate furniture will work with a light floor, but dark wood needs something heavy to carry. Otherwise, it just swallows them up. Go for plush and large if your room allows it. Your dark wood floors are already dramatic, so keep with the theme and pick bold chairs, strong-looking side tables, and coffee tables.

6. Colourful Furniture

Several colours work with dark wood flooring. These include:

Yellow Furniture

Yellow is striking and draws attention, especially with a dark floor. It adds some brightness and a sunny burst of colour.

Brown Furniture

Brown is a sophisticated tone, and when up against a dark floor, it creates a sense of power and strength. A rustic leather couch with dark chocolate brown blends best.

Black Furniture

Black on dark looks amazing, especially in a well-lit room. Have a formal black dining table against a large picture window and let the natural light make the dark tone stand out.

Blue Furniture

Blue tones offer an appealing contrast and calming sea vibe to a dark room. Lighter shades on a plush fabric couch work better if the walls are dark too.

Violet Furniture

Bold colours pop with a dark wood floor, so consider a contemporary love seat with shiny violet fabric to catch your focus.

Gray Furniture

This shade of colour gives brightness but is not as sharp as white. Framing chairs around a fireplace with dark wood flooring works well.

7. Mixed Furniture

The one thing about decorating, it is all subjective. There are trends that people follow, but you could be the next trendsetter by mixing up different colours and textures in the same room.

A dark floor allows you to do it because all colours get enhanced with dark floors. It makes them stand out. Find furniture pieces with metal bases or legs and mix colours on the rest. It may seem eccentric, but the room will look alive.

Dark wood flooring is the perfect starting point for any room and provides many staging options. Consider these furniture ideas when decorating your home and enhance the drama that your rich floors provide.