A Beginner’s Guide to Field Service Management Software

Does your company run a field service team, like technicians? Do you want to get high customer service while keeping your costs down? You don’t need a jet to make this reality: you only require a great dispatch and scheduling software. Once the technician reaches the customer, he/she will want to know what the problem is, which installation to repair, the discussion between the dispatcher and the client, and if there is anything that has been previously done on the facility. Once the job is completed, the technician gets the customer’s approval signature and goes to his next assignment. You need field service management software to be able to do all these.

Even though the field service management software has evolved significantly for the last ten years, the market for this software is still fragmented. This software can be installed both on-premises or as cloud-based or hosted system. Typically, FSM software can be integrated with backend systems like billing, service management, parts inventory, accounting, and other HR systems.

Benefits of FSM software

Customer Satisfaction: If communication between the customer, technician, and dispatcher is transparent, then customer satisfaction will greatly increase. There will be fewer missed installations, and more predictable scheduling will keep your customers happy. A happy customer will not look for another field service supplier.

Efficiency: Unlike what you will get when using Excel planning, a computerized dispatch and field service scheduling system will make your service technician more efficient. Driving times and routings are optimized, reducing fuel costs and mileage.

Mobility: FSM software systems utilize technology that is created to travel, providing real-time updates via laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Costing: Keeping track on costs is a vital element of any company. This aspect is, however, less transparent and harder to achieve for businesses that have a field service division. FSM software allows you real-time access to your costs and efficient business reporting that enables you to measure and manage.

Other benefits will depend greatly on the type of business you are running. SLA’s will be improved, and invoice flows will be done much faster. You can configure service agreements for clients to allow preventative maintenance. This way, your technicians can make sure that the equipment is accurately maintained before issues occur.

Your company can utilize FSM software to improve communication with technicians, streamline work processes, increase productivity, and improve customer service and loyalty. The software can be used for routing and scheduling, driver logs, remote vehicle diagnostics, inventory management, hours of service tracking, driver safety, and field technician management. Some FSM Software can integrate with other software like accounting systems.